STRATEC – Partnering Along New Lines

“STRATEC is a world leading partner for fully automated analyzer systems, software and smart consumables.Building on an unparalleled breadth of technology and the expertise gained in more than forty years of automating laboratory processes, STRATEC has established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of automation solutions for in-vitro diagnostics and life science companies.

We have always been an early mover when it comes to seizing new technologies and applications and integrating these into our existing technology portfolio, whether by way of proprietary development work or in partnership with our customers.”


Commissioned to develop an image trailer for Stratecs AACC (Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo) presentation I was very pleased to work out a style and look for the animation. The idea was to simulate a fictive automated in vitro diagnostic (IVD) process and to build more a sci-fi environment than a realistic scenario.

Film Concept // Creative Direction // Art Direction // Design: Zoran Marjanovic
3D Production and Post-Production: Zoran Marjanovic
Soundstudio: Die Stube