BANK 2020 – 3D Key Visual

Strong Key Visual for Consileon Business Consultancy and the 22. Handelsblatt Jahrestagung – Privatkundengeschäft

Development of the key visual for Consileon Business Consultancy GmbH, one of the partner of the 22. Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Privatkundengeschäft this year.

I was assigned to visualize the main challenges and opportunities of a bank of 2020 and beyond. This key visual would then be used within a presentation as well as for posters.

Infographic 2nd perspective

As the client never used this style of 3D visuals before, it was challanging for me to show all possible ways how this could be achieved.

I enjoyed the inspiring and creative collaboration.

Consileon Business Consultancy GmbH
Conceptual Art // 3D Modeling // 3D Rendering // Retouching