Vorwerk Temial – CGI Product Launch

simultion fo floating tea leaves in water
CGI Water Simulation


Commissioned by Havas Germany to develop 3D animations and visuals for their client Vorwerk, I was very excited to be able to contribute to this vast project.

100 % CGI from 3D shading the new Vorwerk Temial tea machine to simulating the tea brewing process, I delivered the assets from the very first beginning of the project to the product launch on 16th May 2018.​​​​​​​

Temial tea machine
Temial tea machine

The Tea Machine

Dealing with CAD data from the client I refined them, remodeled a few parts of the machine for better closeups, shaded and defined lighting.

First steps while defining the style were rendered with Octane. For the production I then used Arnold.

Development – Hours and Hours of Tea Brewing

After several hours of tea brewing in my own kitchen,  I developed textures and materials for the tea leaves according to real tea leaves provided by the client.

And this is what I came up with rendered in Cinema 4D and Octane:

One Tea Leave

The Fluid Simulation

The goal was to create realistic looking tea brewing process within the Temial tea machine. To achieve this I decided to build up the simulation within Realflow 10. Than imported in Cinema 4D I rendered it out with Arnold and post processed in AfterEffects.

floating tea leaves in water



Havas Germany
Final Client:
Vorwerk, Temial (www.temial-vorwerk.de)
Conceptual Art // 3D Modeling // 3D Simulation // 3D Rendering