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Commissioned to develop, model and render 3D interiors where Innogy Smart Home products could be discovered, I was very excited to be able to contribute to such a special project.

Here are some of those renderings I would like to share with you. All Innogy devices were modeled in Fusion 360 and rendered in C4D with Solidangle Arnold. Although I used Fusion 360 for the first time in a real production it was very straightforward and I had fun working with it. It´s a great tool for industrial design that also 3D artists could make use of it. Environments were heavily built with Evermotion libraries, Allegorithmic and Quixel textures and also a few details were modeled.

The idea was to create common interiors with Smart Home devices where they could be discovered by the user.

3D Modeling / Rendering / Retouch

As reference I had real products and could measure all parts of each device. And as I mentioned before Autodesk Fusion 360 ( is a really powerful and straight forward tool for modeling technical assets.

Farm Rendering

Most of the renderings where done in my own small renderfarm. But for a few scenes I went to Ranch Computing. I only can recommend this render farm. The service there is great. They really have the latest plugins. And as I used Arnold 2.4.4 there were some render farm out there that doesn´t have the latest version and some of them dropped Arnold completely – something I don´t understand.


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