3D Visualization for Swiss Implantology

“We are the Swiss experts for dental implants. As a Swiss manufacturer, we develop and produce systems for dental prostheses that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Thommen Medical is an independent family business. The success of our customers is always our top priority. Since the beginning, we have been committed to a single goal: To produce the best possible dental implant system – and only that.”
[Source: Thommen Medical]


showcasing implantology

From our client Thommen Medical we were commissioned again for their new patient broshure to develop key visuals as step by step showcase of the implantology workflow. Together with Thommen Medical product developer it was a very exciting project modelling organic and technical parts in the same piece.

showing the impression taking

With photo references we modeled from scratch the impresion tray as well as the laboratory scaning process.

digital teeth model scaning complete teeth restoration

For the organic part of the 3d modelling, we massively used Pixologic ZBrush as our tool of choice. As ZBrush has perfectly working app links to many other 3d tools we then brought the models to Maxon Cinema 4D. There we had prepared all the CAD data delivered by the client. The final imagery was than rendered out with Redshift.

scaning with oral scaner

In each step of the teeth reconstruction there is a different gum situation. We adopted it thanks to the medical photo references we had.

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